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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia


Learning off the farm

A growing group of farmers are enrolling in courses at Community College Northern Inland in north west NSW as part of a state government initiative to assist drought-affected families to retrain and find work off the farm.

Playing with English

The Connected program, a partnership between social enterprise MTC Australia and Sydney Theatre Company, uses drama to improve teaching for adults learning English as an additional language.

A taste for work

A unique training program developed between Gippsland Employment Skills Training (GEST) and local employer Flavorite Hydroponic Tomatoes is opening up work opportunities for unemployed people in the Latrobe Valley.

Leading by example

Jake Donohue won ALA’s inaugural scholarship to attend an international leadership training program run by Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) to prepare future leaders in the field.

Prison radio makes waves

A media training program is helping Indigenous prisoners tell stories that matter. What started as an internal prison radio show has just gone national. Meet Bekah O’Meara, the trainer behind the radio show that’s making waves.

Photos give refugees a voice

A Western Australian project that encourages refugee women to take photos to document and share their experiences is giving them a say into policies that affect their lives and enables researchers to make a powerful case for change.

Women at the wheel

Graduates from Australia’s first women-only trucking course are hitting the highway on their way to new careers in transport and logistics. The intensive course aims to attract more women into the driver’s seat and improve truck safety.

Jailed for pawsession

A greyhound fostering program in South Australia’s Mobilong Prison prepares dogs – and inmates – for life after jail. The dogs learn how to socialise with people and their handlers learn how to train and socialise an animal.

Ready to shine

The launch of Adult Learners’ Week offered a chance to celebrate a milestone in adult English education, the announcement of the inaugural Adult Learners’ Week scholarships and the achievements of some outstanding adult learners.

Taking the plunge

When she arrived in Sydney as a refugee from Syria in February 2018, Sophie Bejok fell in love with Manly beach. After enrolling in an adult learn to swim class, now she’s got her sights set on being a lifeguard.

Alphabet Soup for Stawell

A peer education program for LGBTI young people is kicking off in the Victorian country town of Stawell to improve support, acceptance and advocacy for trans and gender diverse young people in rural and regional areas.

Reducing homelessness

Ipswich-based inCommunity Inc. runs a training program that helps homeless people find stable accommodation and counters the real estate industry’s negative perceptions that homeless people make poor tenants.

Beyond the farm gate

A mental health project teaches women farmers to use digital technology to tell their stories of the struggles and hardships of life on the farm to educate, inspire and benefit other people living in rural communities.

Life after Holden

A free Microsoft digital skills certification program is offering former Holden workers and others affected by the Adelaide plant’s closure a digital edge when it comes to embarking on a new career.

Prescribing art

Healthcare workers in Sydney are prescribing art classes instead of medication as an antidote to stress, depression and loneliness and to improve the health and wellbeing of older people in their communities.

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia