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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia


Off the streets and into education

Transition 2 Success is an education program that aims to nip youth crime in the bud and keep young Queenslanders on track.

Riding the trails

A huge uptick in cycling since COVID is creating new business opportunities for the bike savvy in Victoria’s Yarra Valley and a Box Hill Institute bike maintenance course is in demand.

Learning on the road to recovery

Odyssey House NSW provides adult education to help residents recovering from addiction to develop the skills they need to rebuild their lives.

Adult learning for absolutely everyone

Mitch Tambo and a range of speakers launched ALW2022 with uplifting stories about the power of adult education to change the course of people’s lives.

Elsa steps out

For ten years stay-at-home single mum Elsa looked for excuses not to leave the house. A parenting course put her on the path to education, training and a new career.

Maya’s hard work pays off

Maya’s employer encouraged the shy 21-year-old to take up study to improve her foundation skills and help her at work. Now she’s come out of her shell and there’s no stopping her.

A thirst for learning

Childhood illness disrupted Terrence’s schooling and he never really caught up. At 25 he decided to have another go. Bit by bit his confidence grew. Now he’s got his sights set on uni.

Hands-on learning drives success

A life-changing automotive skills program gives young people who are on the wrong path the opportunity to re-set their bearings.

Moving on to a better life

A WA-based careers program assists women who have suffered family and domestic violence on the path to financial independence.

Bilingual course engineers success

A Bendigo-based program that combines English language and
vocational skills training is creating new careers and helping local industry.

Prisoner training opens doors

A prison based graphic design program aims to give ex-offenders a career path out of prison and help former inmates to break the cycle of re-offending.

Coffee changes lives

There’s a coffee buzz at Hackham West Community Centre in Adelaide’s south. Barista training is adding energy, teaching practical hospitality skills and
bringing new people through the doors.

Literacy classes help healing

A NSW literacy program developed with and for members of the Stolen Generation is helping participants like Uncle Bobby Young to reclaim an education and deal with the trauma of institutionalisation.

Sharing luck around

The recent SBS series Lost for Words which followed eight Australians who undertook an intensive adult literacy program highlighted the importance of adult literacy tutors like Tasmanian Jeff McNamara.

Green skills for sustainable living

An organic farmer in the Victorian town of Castlemaine is sharing her passion and helping locals to take steps that are good for their pockets and good for the planet.

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia