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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia


Coffee changes lives

There’s a coffee buzz at Hackham West Community Centre in Adelaide’s south. Barista training is adding energy, teaching practical hospitality skills and
bringing new people through the doors.

Literacy classes help healing

A NSW literacy program developed with and for members of the Stolen Generation is helping participants like Uncle Bobby Young to reclaim an education and deal with the trauma of institutionalisation.

Sharing luck around

The recent SBS series Lost for Words which followed eight Australians who undertook an intensive adult literacy program highlighted the importance of adult literacy tutors like Tasmanian Jeff McNamara.

Green skills for sustainable living

An organic farmer in the Victorian town of Castlemaine is sharing her passion and helping locals to take steps that are good for their pockets and good for the planet.

Aiming for a bright future

Alyssa Hand left school at 16 and has returned to study to become a youth worker. The ALW scholarship winner is passionate about the importance of helping disadvantaged young people believe in themselves.

Sparking a career

James Welch was determined to get the most of a 13 week SPARK jobseeker program and his determination and persistence paid off. He’s one of the winners of an Adult Learners Week scholarship.

Up for a challenge

When COVID lockdown ended Tracey Hosking realised how much she was dreading going back to her job of 14 years at a local store. She resigned and took up adult education and is loving her new career.

Launch kicks off Adult Learners Week

Simon Fenech hit rock bottom after his release from prison but it was a catalyst that took him in a new direction. Other guest speakers at the launch of ALW shared stories about the power of adult education.

DIY custom-made coffins

Discussions about death and dying are matter of fact in this coffin making class at West Moonah Community Shed in Hobart. Learning to make personalised caskets breaks down taboos and lowers funeral costs.

Click go the classroom shears

A sheep shearing course has turned life around for Lauren Stirling. She’s one of hundreds benefitting from a Victorian government initiative to address a shortage of shearers and improve access to quality training.

Getting somewhere

The Centre in Wangaratta has rebranded a traditional certificate course in general education for adults. The course encourages adult learners set their own educational and personal goals. And it’s getting great results.

Mentors drive success

Getting a driving licence is tough if you don’t have the money for lessons or someone who is willing to teach you. A learner driver mentoring program in Geeveston Tasmania is changing the lives of new drivers and their teachers.

Australia’s adult literacy crisis

For rugby union star Ian Roberts learning to read and write at age 36 was lifechanging. But for many adults who struggle with low literacy getting the help they need is not so straightforward.

Nautilus offers fresh start

Nautilus College an alternative high school in NSW is offering a fresh approach for young people disengaged from mainstream education, turning tales of truancy into stories of achievement and turning lives around.

COVID learnings

COVID19 has forced adult education organisations offering face to face classes to develop new ways of continuing to offer their services. Three organisations share what they learned from the COVID lockdown.


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