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2019 events calendar

Upcoming events

21 August 2019 @ 1pm AEST – Basic Numeracy Concepts – Chris Tully, Melbourne Polytechnic

1-8 September 2019 – Adult Learners Week 2019

11 September 2019 – ‘Plan a Project’ for jobseeking EAL/D learners – Lidia Lipkiewicz, Australian Training Award in Excellence in Language, Literacy, Numeracy Practice winner 2018

17 October 2019 @ 1pm AEDT – The principles of adult learning – Chemène Sinson, Blackwater Projects

13 November @ 1pm AEDT – Validation of ACSF assessment resources – Philippa McLean, Escalier McLean

Presenter: Chris Tully, Melbourne Polytechnic
When: Wednesday 21st August @ 1pm AEST
Duration: 1 hr
Cost: Free for all ALA members | $50 non-members

This session is designed for Literacy teachers who also teach some numeracy. It will cover how to deliver basic numeracy concepts such as fractions and basic operations. The session will look at what students might be struggling with. It will

Presenter: Lidia Lipkiewicz
When: Wednesday 11th September @ 1pm AEST
Duration: 1 hr
Cost: Free ALA members | $50 non-members

‘Plan a project’ is a weekly, project-based program designed specifically for the EAL/D (ESOL) learner who is also a job seeker. In a nutshell, the program develops language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as employability skills, and creates a

Presenter: Chemène Sinson, Blackwater Projects
When: Thursday 17th October 2019 @ 1pm AEDT
Duration: 1 hr
Cost: Free ALA members | $50 non-members

Suitable for Anyone working in training or education in a management or practitioner role. Description In this interactive webinar we’ll re-define the principles of adult learning and discuss how they apply in 21st century learning environments. We’ll cover key techniques

Presenter: Philippa McLean, Escalier McLean
When: Wednesday 13th November @ 1 pm - 2 pm AEDT
Duration: 1 hr
Cost: Free for members of LLN Network | $50 non-Network members

This webinar is for adult language, literacy and numeracy practitioners to come together and look at aspects of quality assessment. It provides an excellent opportunity to gain external validation of tasks mapped to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

Presenter: Jo Howard
When: Thursday 28th November 2019 @ 1pm AEDT
Duration: 1 hr
Cost: Free ALA members | $50 non-members

The Royal Commission report on Family Violence was handed down two years ago and highlighted the fact that family violence can touch the lives of us all and that it exists across all communities and in many forms. Adult and