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 Lifelong and lifewide learning for all Australians

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Latest news

AJAL Special Issue: Lifelong learning and sustainable development

The articles which comprise the special issue are diverse, ranging from specific case studies of adult education initiatives, to broader project-based reports on particular programmes and issues, to more general discussions of the theme. Taken together, they provide evidence and analysis which adds to understanding about the design and implementation of a lifelong learning policy that aims to contribute to achieving sustainable development.

ALA Submission: Victorian Government Royal Commission into Mental Health

Adult Learning Australia (ALA) welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the Victorian Government Royal Commission into Mental Health.

ALA Submission: National Regional, Rural and Remote Education Strategy

ACE offers pathways into learning and work and must be strengthened and supported to get more people living in RRR areas into higher education and vocational training.


PageTurners are short, easy-to-read stories for adults learning to read. Designed by experienced teachers and published by PRACE (Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education). Available now in the ACE Shop.

Are you serious about adult learning?

Nominate for the ALA Board! Why nominate? As an ALA Board member, you will bring your energy, expertise and know-how to advance our mission of equitable access to lifelong and lifewide learning. You will also be actively involved in setting…

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