Lifelong and lifewide learning for all Australians

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Latest news

Press release: The modern workforce demands lifelong learning skills

Adult Learning Australia, the national peak body for adult and community education, welcomes the Federal Budget’s commitment to education, however, further action is required as lifelong learning is now an important life skill that ensures people remain relevant in the

ALA conference: Advancing asylum seekers’ future through education

How do we empower people seeking asylum? Gillian Meek and Abiola Ajetomobi from the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre talk about their education programs that are designed to enable people to feel empowered to build a new life in Australia.  

ALA conference: Transformative learning in neighbourhood houses

How do adults make the transition from reluctant to confident learners? Dr Trace Ollis, Deakin University, shares her research on the informal and formal learning that takes place in Neighbourhood Houses.   Theme: Exploring possibilities, changing lives Date: 13–14 June

ALA conference: Young people, lifelong learning and the new work mindset

What does the future of work look like for young people? Young people will need to navigate a vastly different world of work. Bronwyn Lee, Foundation for Young Australians, brings her unique perspective to how we can best prepare young

ALA conference: See the light then experience Dark MOFO

How can you experience the many shades of Hobart? Be inspired by the transformative power of lifelong learning during the day, and explore Hobart’s Dark MOFO and Hobart’s other attractions by night. Our exciting conference program presents research and insights

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