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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia


Older wiser drivers

For people over 60, driving on our roads today is very different to when they first got their licence. A growing number of older Victorians are signing up for classes to improve their safety and confidence behind the wheel.

Out of the ashes

The effect of devastating bushfires on Australian towns like Yarloop in WA are focussing attention on the work of community centres and the crucial role they play in disaster preparedness, recovery and rebuilding communities.

Better literacy better health

Low rates of adult literacy go hand in hand with poorer health and wellbeing. New research highlights how adult literacy programs for Indigenous Australians improves the health of people who’ve taken part.

Facing her fears

Having the support and encouragement of a mentor, learning Auslan, and work experience in the hearing world has brought Anita out of her shell. Once uncertain and shy, now she’s excited about her future.

Enabling employment

Technology giant Ericsson’s former warehouse is experiencing a new lease of life. Instead of storing new technology the building is an e-waste recycling hub that’s giving local people new opportunities for work and learning.

Turning life around

A supportive employer and an adult literacy tutor have turned life around for 26 year old Greg Nelson of WA. Greg was recently named one of three Adult Learners Week scholarship winners for his committment to improving his literacy skills.

Kylie’s still pinching herself

Two years ago Kylie Mahon and her five children were homeless in Sydney. But a return to learning has transformed her life. Kylie recently won an Adult Learners Week scholarship for her outstanding achievements.

Corrections on course

A chance conversation during a conference break about improving diversity in the workplace has led to an innovative South Australian course that prepares people for jobs in the growing corrections sector.

Glyde-In’s recipe for success

East Fremantle’s Glyde-In Community Learning Centre opened in 1981. In the next 20 years volunteer fatigue, funding uncertainty and declining membership pushed it to the brink of closure. But today it’s thriving.

Literacy takes a legal turn

A legal literacy program in Launceston Tasmania is helping people with legal paperwork and empowering them through a better understanding and awareness of the law and its impact in everyday life.

Learning off the farm

A growing group of farmers are enrolling in courses at Community College Northern Inland in north west NSW as part of a state government initiative to assist drought-affected families to retrain and find work off the farm.

Playing with English

The Connected program, a partnership between social enterprise MTC Australia and Sydney Theatre Company, uses drama to improve teaching for adults learning English as an additional language.

A taste for work

A unique training program developed between Gippsland Employment Skills Training (GEST) and local employer Flavorite Hydroponic Tomatoes is opening up work opportunities for unemployed people in the Latrobe Valley.

Leading by example

Jake Donohue won ALA’s inaugural scholarship to attend an international leadership training program run by Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) to prepare future leaders in the field.

Prison radio makes waves

A media training program is helping Indigenous prisoners tell stories that matter. What started as an internal prison radio show has just gone national. Meet Bekah O’Meara, the trainer behind the radio show that’s making waves.


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