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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia


The perfect pitch

A mentorship helped Chris Lombardo overcome her fear of public speaking and persuade an audience of philanthropists to fund her projects. She is one of 340 not for profit leaders that The Funding Network has connected with investors.

Leading in adult literacy

Victoria’s Learn Locals are crucial in improving adult literacy skills. But teaching literacy is a specialist skill and that there is a shortage of teachers equipped to do the job. A new training program aims to change that.

Community paper thrives

When the local newspaper office closed its doors in Guyra NSW in 2016, the town’s adult education centre set up a new paper. The Guyra Gazette has proved a hit. And producing it has been a learning experience for everyone involved.

Learning to give back

Loran McKean lacked confidence about her ability to study, but after completing a horticulture course she’s found a new outlook on life and is grateful to give back to the community that welcomed her.

Language is a lifechanger

Ghazal Sharhani was depressed and isolated after she arrived in Australia. But taking English classes opened the door to new friendshiips and now Ghazal dreams of a successful future and a career in pathology.

There’s no stopping Chris

When Chris Roland attended her first class at TAFE SA in 2019 after almost 30 years away from a classroom it was part of a promise she made to herself. It was also the next crucial step in her recovery from domestic violence.

Facebook for English

English language teacher Shveta Bhutani uses a closed Facebook group with her adult students to practise English, build friendships and cultural understanding. And it’s a strategy that’s paying off in face to face classes.

Lockdown learning

Before the coronavirus pandemic Annie Heyes called herself an IT dinosaur. But the lockdown forced her and other members of Wynyard U3A to use digital technology in ways they would never have imagined.

Digital at the depot

A digital literacy training program at the City of Sydney run by NSW TAFE is ensuring that outdoor employees like Glen Freeney can successfully make the transition from manual paper based systems to electronic paperless ones.

Learning on the job

The WA government is trying to stem the flow of young people away from rural and regional towns by offering local learning opportunities that give them the skills to stay and work in their communities.

Singing for sweet freedom

It’s a decade since the Choir of Hard Knocks won our hearts with the uplifting story of how music can turn lives around. Sweet Freedom Singers, a choir of people from all walks of life, and of different abilities, continue the tradition.

Education for young mums

Young mums in the Victorian country town of Mildura are learning skills to deal with the challenges of being a young parent and re-engaging in education to help them on the pathway to a brighter future.

Older wiser drivers

For people over 60, driving on our roads today is very different to when they first got their licence. A growing number of older Victorians are signing up for classes to improve their safety and confidence behind the wheel.

Out of the ashes

The effect of devastating bushfires on Australian towns like Yarloop in WA are focussing attention on the work of community centres and the crucial role they play in disaster preparedness, recovery and rebuilding communities.

Better literacy better health

Low rates of adult literacy go hand in hand with poorer health and wellbeing. New research highlights how adult literacy programs for Indigenous Australians improves the health of people who’ve taken part.

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia