Learning communities

Learning Community Framework and Measuring Impact Toolkit

This report builds on ACELG’s 2013 Learning as a Driver for Change project and in particular aligns the Learning Community Framework to UNESCO’s framework of the key features of learning cities. Volume 1 includes a literature review of evaluation frameworks; an in-depth case study on evaluation practices; and background information on the development of the Measuring Impact Toolkit, designed to help local government practitioners create, adopt and evaluate a Community Learning Plan for their LGA. Volume 2 provides practical templates for planning and reporting, checklists, and further Australian examples of Community Learning Plans.

The framework will be the useful resource for communities embarking on developing  a learning community strategy or evaluating one already in place.

Wheeler, L., Wong, S., Blunden, P. (2014). Learning Community Framework and Measuring Impact Toolkit. Volumes 1& 2. Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government, University of Technology, Sydney

Learning as a driver for change

This paper explores how learning partnerships between councils, their communities and learning organisations can help improve social outcomes, build community capabilities and strengthen community governance. A supplementary framework for the implementation of learning partnerships is also available.

These 2014 publications consist of a toolkit to accompany the framework, and a further report. Again, the toolkit is the practical resource to help communities set up a strong evidence base for their strategy that includes targets and measurable outcomes.

Wheeler, L., Wong, S., Farrell, J., & Wong, I. (2013). Learning as a Driver for Change. Volumes 1 & 2. Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government, University of Technology, Sydney

Practical resources

Learning Communities Framework and Measuring Impact Toolkit, Vol 2

ACELG Framework – Learning as a Driver for Change

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Australian Learning Communities Network

The Australian Learning Communities Network (ALCN Inc) exists so that Australia becomes a nation of connected, life-long learning communities.

Go to: ALCN website

Report: Innovating in Learning Communities through the EcCoWell2 Approach

Local Government and Community Learning strategies

Brimbank City Council Learning Strategy 2018-2023 (Vic)

Hume City Council – Learning together 2030 (Vic)

Kentish Community Learning Plan and Strategy 2016 (Tas)

Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres Delivering in the City of Maribyrnong (Vic)

Melton City Council – Community Learning Plan 2015-2018 (Vic)

Wyndham City Council – Learning community strategy 2018-2023 (Vic)

Smart Learning Cities Forum

A partnership event with Adult Learning Australia, RMIT and the Australian Learning Cities Network – 26 February 2020.

The forum examined Smart City developments and linkages with Learning City approaches.


Forum Bios

Background paper


Professor Mike Osborne

City of Wyndham

City of Melton

ALA paper