Research and submissions

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Adult and community education

Adult learning and civic participation

Adult literacy and numeracy

Disengaged young people and adult and community education

Intergenerational and family learning and literacy

Lifelong learning for an ageing population

Recognising all types of learning

Rural and regional Australians


Future opportunities for adult learners in Victoria. Pathways to participation and jobs discussion paper

Victorian Government Royal Commission into Mental Health – ALA Submission 2019

ALA VET Review Response 2019

ALA Pre-budget submission 2019–2020

National Regional, Rural and Remote Education Strategy Submission 2019

AQF Review


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Re-imagining a new WELL


ALA’s submission to the Business Council Australia’s (BFA) Future Proof: Protecting Australians Through Education and Skills Reform Paper

Pre-budget submission 2018–2019

ALP post secondary education inquiry


Lifelong learning discussion paper

Lifelong learning: An organising principle for reform

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Australian ACE environmental scan: 2017 update


Pre-budget submission 2017–18

ALA submission to the Human Services Inquiry


‘Getting of Wisdom’, Learning in later life (Conference statement)

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The role of ACE in supporting equitable mental health reform

ACE and results based accountability

Australia ACE Environmental Scan Research Project 2016


Submission to the National Mental Health Plan 2016

Pre-budget submission 2016–2017

Pre-budget submission 2016–2017 recommendations summary

Submission redesigning VET FEE-HELP

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ACE in Australia: A snapshot of the sector in 2015


ACE sector statement

Pre-Budget submission 2015/16 Federal Budget

Response to discussion paper review of training packages and accredited curriculum

Submission for inquiry into private VET funding

Fact sheets

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family learning

ACE and the ageing population

Adult and community education (ACE) in Australia

ACE in rural and regional Australia

Adult learning and civic participation

Adult literacy and numeracy

Community-based informal and non-formal learning

Disengaged youth and ACE

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Adult learning and civic participation in Australia

Disengaged youth and ACE

Indigenous intergenerational learning report

Rethinking community based learning

The ageing population: What are the implications for ACE?

The state of ACE 


ACNC Senate inquiry

Impact of skills reform on Victorian ACE

Language and literacy policy in Australia

Learning, work and livelihood in Australia

Pre-Budget submission

Response to the Forrest Review recommendations of creating parity

Response to Industry Skills Fund discussion paper

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ACE in regional and rural Australia


Australia Votes 2013 – ALA policy positions

ASQA fees and charges

Submission to Indigenous Education Review

Response to NSSC position paper

Submission to TAFE inquiry

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Enterprising ACE

Let’s get serious about adult literacy and numeracy

Men’s Shed research references

Men’s Shed tour handout


New directions for ACE

Pre-Budget submission

Response to LLNP discussion paper

Response to Australia’s skills and workforce development needs

[tabby title=”2011″]


Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communication Inquiry into the Role and Potential of the NBN

Response to NVEAC and Skills Australia recommendations: New directions for ACE

NSW election priorities

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Enhancing pathways for ACE learners


ALA response to Skills Australia review of VET

ALA response to NVEAC Equity Blueprint

Response to the Indigenous education action plan draft 2010

Response to draft Green Skills implementation plan

[tabby title=”2009″]


Implementing the 2008 Ministerial Declaration on ACE

Informal learning: At a glance

Managing learner information report

[tabby title=”2008″]


The Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALL) Survey: Overview and International Comparisons


Achieving inclusive adult education and training practice

ALA 2008 policy paper

Australian adult learning: Working with New Zealand

Submission on language, literacy and numeracy program services

The importance of health education

The need for a national approach on the ACE agenda

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ABS: Adult learning

Engaging adult learners: The role of non-accredited learning in language, literacy and numeracy

[tabby title=”2006″]


ACE’s role in developing Australia’s human capital: A structured analysis

Adult learning and Australia’s ageing population

Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey: Summary results

Community education and national reform

Digital divide: Barriers to e-learning

National database of ACE providers: Preliminary analysis

Small business and human capital

Social learning capital: Interlinking social capital, lifelong learning and quality learning conversations

The value of ACE providers: A guide to the evidence base

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Achieving Australia as an inclusive learning society

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Adult learning: removing barriers, not creating them

Crossing the moat: Art museums and lifewide learning

Funding and certainty in community-based organizations

How far can we stretch? Flexible learning for community service workers in Far West NSW

Intergenerational learning

Issues paper for round table discussion on adult learning in Australia

Older workers: A snapshot

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in 2004: A snapshot

RPL and mature age job seekers

Stories from the field: Taking training across cultures

Stories from the field: Whole-of-government, a whole-of-community partnership

Towards a learning revolution in Australia: Consultation paper on future directions for lifelong learning in Australia

Understand your world: The ALW2004 scrapbook

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Adult Learners’ Week

Adult Learners’ Week: The national strategy 2003

Discovering democracy: A civics and citizenship program for the adult and community sector

Evaluating learning circles

Learning communities: A catalyst for positive change

National analysis of Adult Learners’ Week 2003

National evaluation of Adult Learners’ Week: 2001 and 2002

Packing away the velvet rope: The art museum as the site for adult learning

Report on the regional workshop on engendering citizenship education Kathmandu

The Parthenon was not built out of fish: A synopsis of the Adult Learners’ Week 2003 great literacy debates

Where do Australian adults learn?

Working with experience

You can too: Adult learning in Australia – a consultation paper

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ACE funding: where is it?

Adult learning: Implications for lifelong learning

Lifelong learning in the 21st century university

[tabby title=”2000″]


A clever country means extending learning opportunities

Learning around town: learning communities in Australia

Lifelong learning: making it work: An ALA discussion paper


Commentaries on adult learning

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Who are Australia’s adult learners?