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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Webinars Session

ALA webinar: Developing effective LLN tasks

Let’s face it, it can be challenging to develop good tasks against the ACSF. Trainers and tutors needs practical skills to unpack and translate the framework effectively. Our next session […]

eBusiness Bootcamp

To kick off 2013, ALA will host an online eBusiness Bootcamp aimed at administrators, managers, coordinators or those looking for new and innovative ways to save precious dollars in community […]

Webinar: Changing the culture – attracting and keeping committee members

It’s nearly Christmas and time to reflect on 2012! If you have spent a good part of the year trying to find committee members for your community organisation with the […]

Webinar: Validating your learning and assessment strategies for low level learners

It’s validation time again! This webinar is for our LLN practitioners to come together as a group to validate their learning and assessment strategies. This webinar will concentrate on learning […]

Webinar: Volunteer management: Understanding rights and responsibilities

Organisations and their volunteers have rights and responsibilities. Volunteers perform a specific task or role and, in return, the organisation provides their volunteers with a rewarding experience. But it doesn’t […]

Webinar: Managing paid staff – set yourself up for success!

Managing paid staff can presents many challenges. These challenges may relate to recruitment and retention, resourcing, performance management and development, productivity and conflict resolution, time management, etc. In our next […]

Webinar: Let’s get serious about adult literacy and numeracy

The right to literacy is an inherent part of the right to an education. All Australians, regardless of their employment status, should be supported to develop their language, literacy and […]

Webinar: Managing the inclusive classroom

The days of educating learners with a disability in segregated settings are long gone. Today people with diverse abilities come together in mainstream learning environments. This shift in attitude around […]

Webinar: Shoring up advantage: Conflict not consensus or cooperation

This webinar has been postponed. Please stay tuned to find out when it will be re-scheduled. Victoria is currently leading the country in the introduction of open market mechanisms and […]

Webinar: Reflecting on the Rio+20 Outcomes – ESD and Lifelong Learning

The Rio+20 Outcomes document should be celebrated for committing to promote Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) beyond the UN Decade and for identifying the importance of non-formal education programs for […]

Webinar: The 3 Rs of volunteer management: Recruitment, retention and recognition

Volunteers help to keep community organisations sustainable and viable. But volunteer management can be challenging. It requires effective planning in terms of Recruitment, Retention and Recognition – the 3 Rs. This […]

Webinar: Demystifying the balance sheet

For non-accounting people, talking about the Balance Sheet is the quickest way to end a conversation. Whilst it is often portrayed as a mysterious report, it is actually one of […]

Webinar: Designing, presenting and validating your learning and assessment strategies for low level learners

To achieve good outcomes for low level learners, it is important to consider the appropriateness and quality of your learning and/or assessment strategies. Our next webinar in the LLN series […]

Webinar: Going digital! Establishing an online presence for your community organisation

In a rapidly evolving online world, more and more businesses are realising the opportunities that engaging online can offer. And the same applies to non-profits and community organisations. Being online […]

Webinar: A picture tells a thousand words: using FlickR for image sharing and social networking

There are many online tools for collaboration and community building. These tools allow us to connect with and share resources. Flickr, for example, is a wonderful photo-sharing community. Its expansive […]

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia