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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Recorded Session

ALA webinar: Learning Resources – Adaptation and implementation to meet individual learner needs

About the session Rachel Leigh Taylor Rachel Leigh Taylor is an Educational Specialist with more than 25 years’ experience in tertiary and workplace-based education and training programs who specialises in […]

Words for Change: Empowering Refugee and Asylum Seeker Women through literacy and learning

For our final session in the What Works series, Ros Bauer will be joined by Rahel, Louise, and Apeksha, who all work at the River Nile Learning Centre in North […]

ALA webinar: Building Inclusive and Sustainable Learning Partnerships

Background Place-based learning city frameworks founded on lifelong learning and the concept of a learning society have immense potential to address a wide range of local and global environmental and […]

Online forum: Adult learning education on climate justice

Context In recent years, the importance of adult learning education focused on climate justice has gained momentum in Australia and the world. In Australia, we have seen the impact of […]

ALA webinar: Aboriginal English and code-switching

This session aims to focus on Aboriginal English as a social, cultural and linguistical marker in Indigenous Tertiary Education and to promote an understanding of the languages spoken by Aboriginal […]

ALA webinar: Learning resources and tools

This session will focus on learning goals, resources, who can help, practical tools, exploring options, and learning assessments in project-based teaching. About the Presenter See recording below.

ALA webinar: Learner engagement strategies

For our next session in the What Works series, we are joined by Dave Bauer, Brendan Murray, and Sharmy Ramachandran. Led by facilitator Ros Bauer, the session will explore the […]

Phonics as part of whole language

Ros Bauer is joined by Lyn Wilson and Meg Cotter to explore the role of phonics. This webinar explores whole language including the role of phonics in learner centre delivery. […]

Reading and writing strategies

This webinar is the third installment of the What Works Professional Learning Series 2023. A panel of experts present practical strategies that support adults in a Foundation Skills context and […]

Support strategies for different learner types

Focus: Drawing on key concept in classroom practise, pedagogy and resource creation from different practise arenas, (e.g. CALD, LLN, ESL), this webinar will focus on strategies that cater to multiple […]

ALA webinar: Using sport to kick more goals in numeracy

This session will focus on practical and hands-on approaches that use sport and recreational contexts to encourage learners to engage with and understand maths and numeracy concepts. Sport and recreational […]

What Works Professional Learning Series

What Works 2023 will focus on adult literacy and learning practice. This eight-part online professional learning series brings together experts in the field to explore effective adult reading, writing, and […]

Transforming education and training in Australia: challenges and opportunities

          A hybrid policy forum Hosted by the Australian Coalition for Education and Development (ACED), Adult Learning Australia (ALA), Women in Adult and Vocational Education (WAVE), […]

Applying practice engagement theory to developing literacy and numeracy

Join us for the first session of the What Works 2023 series! Dr Reder shares how practice engagement theory can help us understand how adults’ use of skills in everyday […]

Supporting, guiding and enacting learning across working life

A seminar jointly hosted by       February 9th 2023 – 2.00-4.00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time or 1.00pm to 3.00pm AEST This hybrid seminar will explore the findings […]

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia