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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia


Transforming education and training in Australia: challenges and opportunities

  A  hybrid policy forum Hosted by the Australian Coalition for Education and Development (ACED), Adult Learning Australia (ALA), Women in Adult and Vocational Education (WAVE), the Jean Monnet Network on Social and Scientific Innovation on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and the European Union Centre of Excellence at RMIT University WEDNESDAY 15 February 2023 […]

Applying practice engagement theory to developing literacy and numeracy

Join us for the first session of the What Works 2023 series! Dr Reder shares how practice engagement theory can help us understand how adults’ use of skills in everyday life affects their lifelong and life-wide learning, their social and economic outcomes, and their overall well-being. You can read Dr Stephen Reder’s full commentary here. […]

Supporting, guiding and enacting learning across working life

A seminar jointly hosted by       February 9th 2023 – 2.00-4.00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time or 1.00pm to 3.00pm AEST This hybrid seminar will explore the findings of a current study investigating the worklife experiences of Australians. The study captures worklife learning histories, monitoring how work and learning co-occur in the current […]

What Works Professional Learning Series

What Works 2023 will focus on adult literacy and learning practice. This eight-part online professional learning series brings together experts in the field to explore effective adult reading, writing, and learning strategies  – with a strong emphasis on fun and engagement. Each session will be co-facilitated by Ros Bauer and Jo Medlin with presentations from […]

On track: career guidance and pathway planning for adult learners

This session allows an opportunity for ACE providers to explore how they support non-traditional and disadvantaged learners to identify their work and study goals. It will also include information on and links to various resources and tools that adult educators can use to support their adult learners with career guidance and pathway planning. Free for […]

Inclusion and innovation in Flexible Learning in and for the Workplace: Stories from Australian Learning Cities

There are skills shortages in a range of occupations across Australia and internationally and this has been exacerbated by the pandemic. While Governments, industry and educational institutions are working on solutions, it is vital to ensure that underrepresented groups in society are not left behind in accessing all levels of education, vocational education and training […]

ALA event: Job & Skills Summit Member Roundtable

Adult Learning Australia has been invited to participate in the Federal Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra on the 1–2 September 2022. The Summit and subsequent Employment White Paper will focus on: keeping unemployment low, boosting productivity and incomes delivering secure, well-paid jobs and strong, sustainable wages growth expanding employment opportunities for all Australians […]

Climate Justice Education: The politics of food – responsibilities for adult educators

This webinar has been postponed. New date and time TBD. This webinar continues to explore climate justice education (CJE). It focuses on the socio-natural-politics of food and the role of adult education.  Food binds us to each other and Nature which generously yields the nutrition we require. How could a transformation of food systems ensure […]

In conversation with Hon Ged Kearney MP – Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care

Friday 22 July 10.45 am – 11.30 am Assistant Minister Ged Kearney is a long-time supporter of the Adult and Community Education (ACE) sector. In her previous role as Shadow Minister for Skills from 2019 to 2021 she acknowledged in parliament the benefits provided by ACE and the vital role it plays in post-secondary education. […]

Improving learning outcomes for adults with disabilities

In this session, we will look at barriers to learning for adults with disabilities: what they are and the experience of people who make their way through life with them. We’ll briefly explore some of the primary causes of the barriers to learning and how this can present in an education setting. And finally, we’ll […]

Climate Justice Education: Weaving together our stories of nature and place

This webinar builds on the previous March 2022 session where participants worked in small groups to share ideas and experiences of effective climate justice education (CJE). This webinar continues to explore CJE, this time, using the power of creative expression and arts which can create spaces of imagination, hope, and even healing. Working in small […]

Sharing Insights – Australian Learning Cities: global to local – local to global

    A learning city promotes lifelong learning for all and helps lay the foundation for sustainable social, economic, and environmental development. Explore the principles and features of learning cities, learning communities, and learning municipalities in Australia and globally in this free online session. How are communities faced with turbulent times adapting and learning from […]

What Works Professional Learning Series – Teaching numeracy to adults

In 2022, our What Works Professional Learning Series focuses on adult numeracy teaching practice. This eight-part online professional learning series brings together experts in adult numeracy education to explore effective numeracy teaching for adults – with a strong emphasis on fun and engagement. Each session will be co-facilitated by Ros Bauer and Jo Medlin with […]

What works professional learning series workshop 2: Critical connections between literacy, maths and language = numeracy

Session 2: Critical connections between literacy, maths and language This session explores the relationship between language, literacy, maths and numeracy. It also offers evidence-based and practical solutions to help you help your learners to solve numeracy problems and understand the maths behind it.   Recording coming soon.   Our facilitators   This webinar is free […]

Mentoring event 1: Do you need support teaching adult numeracy?

Adult Learning Australia is offering three numeracy mentoring sessions that will complement our innovative 8-part: What Works: Teaching Adult Numeracy series Numeracy expert, Dave Tout, will run three informal Q&A and mentoring sessions to respond to your individual queries and questions about adult numeracy. These mentoring sessions are a great opportunity for some individualised mentoring […]

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia