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Lifelong learning for
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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Tips and trends: take better camera phone photos


It’s truer than ever that a
picture is worth a thousand
words. And with cameras in
our phones there’s no excuse.

Here’s some tips for getting some great shots.

1. Look sharp
Focus the picture so that the main subject of the photo is sharp and clear. Avoid taking photos with the camera phone held out at arm’s length. Keep your elbows close to your sides using the screen like a viewfinder and make sure the lens is clean.

2. Keep still
Keep your camera still by steadying your elbows on something solid. Remember to keep still for a couple of seconds after you’ve clicked the shutter to avoid blur.

3. Think ahead
Plan what sorts of photos you want to take. Think about where and when you’ll take them and who you want in the frame.

4. Take charge
Don’t be afraid to ask people to move around for a better photo. For example, with photos of guests at an event you might ask a group of people to stand in a particular spot or formation.

5. Move in close
Zooming in with a phone camera can mean you lose picture quality. Move yourself in closer to the subject instead to get the photo you want.

6. Look behind your subject
A distracting or ugly background can spoil a good picture. Position people against a simple
uncluttered background and make sure that whatever is happening behind them adds to rather than detracts from your picture.

7. Watch that light
As a rule of thumb, keep the light behind you and not behind your subject.

8. Snap away
Don’t just take one photo. Try different angles and composition. Experiment with new perspectives and angles. Try taking photos up high looking down, down low looking up, up close and way back. You’ll learn heaps! It’s great practise and gives you a wider variety to choose from when it comes to selecting photos you want to use or share.

9. Keep learning
Start analysing photos you admire, identify why the picture works for you and what tips you can pick up to improve your own. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas.

10. Add with apps
You can add functionality to your camera with downloadable apps that give you more control and a wider range of settings for your photos.

11. Get permission
Ask permission before you take someone’s photo and get their OK before you publish it. Send them a copy of the photo with a thank you note or email.

12. Remember the power of images
On your website, in social media, on promotional materials and displays, good quality pictures can tell a powerful story about your organisation and its people.


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