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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

PIMA webinar: Ecofeminism makes sense: Towards life-affirming Adult Learning and Education (ALE)

Presenter: Jacklyn Cock and Serap Brown
When: 14th October 2021 @ 1:00am AEDT
Duration: 75 min
Cost: Free

PIMA webinar series: climate justice and ALE presents

Ecofeminism makes sense: Towards life-affirming Adult Learning and Education (ALE)

A webinar co-hosted by PIMA, ALA, CASAE and SCUTREA


Climate justice, including social, gender and economic justice, is attained by foregrounding the needs and interests of the people who have contributed least to climate catastrophes yet are most affected by them.  Due to unequal patriarchal divisions of labour and exploitative practices, the majority of women around the world carry primary responsibility for putting food on the table and taking care of ecosystems, families and communities. Ecological breakdown, capitalism and patriarchy are closely inter-linked and undergird the environmental catastrophe that is unfolding.  Ecofeminism, a discourse that began in the late 1980s, remains a useful theoretical framework because it refuses to separate entangled dimensions of life. It presents a change in paradigm from separation to interconnectedness, from the mechanistic and reductionist to the relational and holistic.  This webinar will explore ecofeminism – its theory and practice – and in particular, its application to the principles and practices of a life-affirming ALE.

Date: 13 October 2021

Length: 75 min

Time: PDT 8.00am (Vancouver); 16:00 BST (London, UK); 17:00 CAT/CEST (Harare, Berlin); 20:30 IST (India); 01:00am AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne, October 14th 2021)


See the programme here.

See the webinar report here.



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