ALA’s pre-budget submission

A significant percentage of Australian adults have low literacy (43%), numeracy (54%) and digital skills; impacting around three million or one-fifth of working aged Australians. The data on adult literacy and numeracy tells us that there is a mismatch between the literacy, numeracy and digital skills people have and those required for broad participation in work, education and training, and society.

Australians with low literacy, numeracy and digital skills face social isolation and unemployment as jobs disappear in the face of technological change, globalisation and COVID-19.

All Australians, regardless of their employment status, must be supported to develop their language, literacy, numeracy and digital skills in order to achieve productivity gains and ensure they can live healthy, autonomous and full lives.

It has been 30 years since the release of Australia’s Language: The Australian Language and Literacy Policy (ALLP, 1991) so ALA is calling for a national literacy strategy that establishes a framework for increasing the level of adult literacy by 20% at PIAAC 2031/32 and significant investment in skilling adult LLND educators.

Download our Pre-budget submission 2021–22.


Adult Learning Australia