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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

ALA event: Job & Skills Summit Member Roundtable

When: Wednesday 24th August 2022 @ 1pm AEST
Duration: 75 minutes
Cost: Free for members of ALA

Adult Learning Australia has been invited to participate in the Federal Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra on the 1–2 September 2022.

The Summit and subsequent Employment White Paper will focus on:

  • keeping unemployment low, boosting productivity and incomes
  • delivering secure, well-paid jobs and strong, sustainable wages growth
  • expanding employment opportunities for all Australians including the most disadvantaged
  • addressing skills shortages and getting our skills mix right over the long term
  • improving migration settings to support higher productivity and wages
  • maximising jobs and opportunities from renewable energy, tackling climate change, the digital economy, the care economy and a Future Made in Australia
    and ensuring women have equal opportunities and equal pay.

Led by the Prime Minister and Treasurer, and supported by other key ministers, the Summit will recommend immediate actions and opportunities for medium and long-term reform.

This Summit is an opportunity to advance the role of adult learning and community education and the role it plays in delivering strong outcomes for key equity groups.

Join us for a discussion about adult learning and community education priorities, ideas, and solutions that can inform ALA’s position at the Summit.



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