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AJAL Volume 57, Number 2, July 2017

Here is the latest issue of the Australian Journal of Adult Learning.

Bringing together learning from two worlds: Lessons from a gender-inclusive community education approach with smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea

Authors: Barbara Pamphilon and Katja Mikhailovich – University of Canberra, Australia

The paper details a community education approach to working with Papua New Guinea women smallholder farmers and aimed to develop planning and farming practices that were more gender-equitable while taking into account existing cultural and gender sensitivities. Read more …

‘The trails to get there’: Experiences of attaining higher education for Igorot Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines

Authors: Digna Adonis and Jen Couch – Australian Catholic University, Australia

This paper also address issues of collaboration and post-colonial education work. It is an account of the many barriers, physical, social, cultural and psychological, that Indigenous people have to overcome in order to attend university, persevere with and complete their study. Read more …

Adult offenders’ perceptions of rehabilitation programs in Africa

Nomazulu Ngozwana – University of South Africa, South Africa

An evaluation of whether offenders are consulted when planning rehabilitation and the implications for offenders’ rehabilitation and reintegration into their societies. Read more …

Experiences of bridging program students at a regional satellite campus

Authors: Sandra Elsom, Ruth Greenaway and Margareth Marshman – University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

The researchers investigate the experiences of a group of non-traditional students undertaking a tertiary preparation program at a satellite campus of a regional university. Read more …

Gender differences in online participation: Examining a History and a Mathematics Open Foundation online course

Author: Annette Morante, Valerie Djenidi, Helene Clark and Susan West – Newcastle University, Australia

Their paper examines two subjects, Mathematics and History, in the online Open Foundation program, to investigate the engagement of male and female students. Read more …

A reflection on continuing professional education research

Author: Barrie Brennan

In the non-refereed section of this issue, this contribution provides a reflection on Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Australia. Read more …

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