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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

9th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning (RWL9)


IAL leads and advocates for the development of an effective, innovative and responsive Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector to meet the needs of industries and the workforce. We do this through research in workforce learning, implementing innovation and development in training and adult education. As a part of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, we work closely with adult educators, business leaders, human resource developers and policy makers to sustain the competitiveness of Singapore and the employability of the workforce. You may find out more about us and what we do at
9th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning (RWL9)
We are organising the 9th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning (RWL9) to be held on 9-12 December next year, in Singapore.  We are calling for submission from 16 December 2014 to 3 March 2015 and we hope to reach out to your community to inform them about the conference and the call for paper through your network and newsletter. Below is the information for the conference’s call for paper for your reference.
9th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning (RWL9)
9-12 December 2015. Singapore
We cordially invite you to contribute to RWL9 by sharing your knowledge, experience and insight with international conference delegates.
The Researching Work and Learning (RWL) conference is the leading international research conference series serving the field of workplace learning. The conference provides a critical platform for researchers and professionals to share research in workplace learning, engage in dialogue with experts from all around the world, and deepen their knowledge in the areas of work and learning.
We welcome submissions for individual papers, symposia, round table and poster presentations. Deadline for abstracts is 31 March 2015 (Monday).
Conference theme:
“Work and Learning in the Era of Globalisation: Challenges for the 21st Century”.
Topics include (but are not limited to):
·        Work and Learning in Small/Medium Sized Enterprises
·        Work and Learning in Low Wage, Low Skill, Contingent or Precarious Employment
·        Continuing Professional Development and/or Learning
·        The Role of Institutional Infrastructure in Learning through Work
·        Life Stages, Careers, Work and Learning
·        Job Design, Organisational Culture and Structure
·        Equity or Meritocracy in Work and Learning
·        Educational Leadership and Shifting Workforce Paradigms
·        Methodological Approaches to Researching Work and Learning
·        Organised Labour/Union Perspectives on Work and Learning
·        Socio-Cultural and Cultural-Historical Work Activity Research
·        Transnational Labour/Migration, Work and Learning
Additional Information
More information on RWL9 is available at
If you have any queries about this Call for Papers, please contact us at

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