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Lifelong learning for
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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Webinar: Designing, presenting and validating your learning and assessment strategies for low level learners

Philippa McLeanTo achieve good outcomes for low level learners, it is important to consider the appropriateness and quality of your learning and/or assessment strategies.

Our next webinar in the LLN series will focus on the art of designing and presenting appropriate learning and assessment strategies for low level learners (ACSF Pre-level 1 or Level 1).

Our presenter, Philippa McLean will share tips and advice from her extensive experience in adult language, literacy and numeracy.
The second half of this webinar will be devoted, once again, to validation. This involves participants sharing one small teaching or assessment strategy for the group to validate. Those willing to share a teaching or assessment strategy must provide the:

  • learning or assessment strategy
  • ACSF level
  • ACSF core skill.

This information should be emailed to Adult Learning Australia five (5) days prior to the event.

Our facilitator, Philippa McLean has facilitated both state and national professional development in the area of LLN in VET practice. She is keen to workshop other people’s ideas and encourage a free-flowing discussion around strategies for low level literacy learners.

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