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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

The latest ALA ACE scan

ACE scan coverAdult Learning Australia’s ACE scan profiles the sector in terms of its programs, features and provider types. The scan outlines ACE program participants, outcomes and the policy areas they support. It also explores the challenges facing the sector in terms of sustainability.

This report builds on a framework developed in previous ACE scan’s (ALA, 2017; 2018) for reporting on ACE education programs in Australia. However, the time series data in this report completely replaces previous ACE scans (ALA, 2016; 2017). This update contains consistent time series data from two NCVER collections: Government-funded and Total VET.

The scan confirms that:

  • ACE organisations are significant providers of accredited adult basic education to key equity groups; such as, people with a disability and the unemployed. These cohorts are significantly more highly represented at ACE providers than all other VET providers of adult basic education.
  • Students in accredited adult basic education at ACE providers have a rate of success above that for students at all other VET providers.
  • ACE VET enrolments account for the most significant shift from unemployment to employment after their training, showing better results than all other providers.
  • Students at ACE providers are also the most satisfied with the quality of their training.

ACE education in all of its diversity remains the single most efficient and effective way to address educational deficiencies which increasingly deny employment opportunities and negatively impact the lives of many adult Australians, but that ongoing government support for ACE is necessary to fulfil this role. Read our scan.

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