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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Sustainability Webinar 1 – Greening up your Centre

The first in a series of four sustainability webinars

We encourage you to enrol in this webinar as the orientation to the following three sessions

Eco Parenting, Sub Tropical Forest Food and Bamboo Construction are just some of the Living and Working Sustainably workshops being offered by the Byron Region Community College.

College director Richard Vinycomb and dedicated Sustainability Officer, Katrina Shields have put sustainability at the core of the community education programs, right down to the local plantation wooden floor used for their dance classes.

Supporting the sustainability agenda in our own centres is becoming more imperative and it takes a very conscious effort to become ‘eco-literate’, particularly when the emphasis on vocational skills is so dominant. However, the importance of sustainability across all aspects of adult learning is now being taken seriously by all three levels of Government.

Richard and Katrina will be hosting a series of 4 webinars, where they will discuss their experiences and share ideas on how to develop both internal systems and new community education programs.

They are hoping that the webinar series will grow into an ongoing network where many organisations can support and inspire one another towards genuine sustainability.

All participants will be encouraged to share, question and to leave the session with some ideas for greening of their own centres.  It will either be just a start or a catalytic point in the journey of facing our changing landscapes!

Topics introduced and discussed will include:

  • developing your own community education program
  • energy efficiency and green power
  • becoming waste-wise
  • sustainable procurement
  • retrofitting and signs
  • water efficiency
  • staff awareness
  • building partnerships for sustainability education


Here are the slides from this session:

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