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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia


PageTurners are short, easy-to-read stories for adults learning to read. Designed by experienced adult educators, published by Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education and available now in the ACE Shop.

Level 1: Yellow

Approximately 100 words in length, 12–16 pages, up to 60 unique words.


  • Bank hold up: I went to the bank for money and got a fright instead.
  • The camel man: How cameleers helped build Australia
  • The dentist: About putting off a visit to the dentist.
  • The drink machine is evil: The drink machine never gives me what I want. It’s evil.
  • The duck: A keen gardener enlists the help of a duck.
  • The fortune teller: She can’t predict everything.
  • Fresh fish: What to do when the fish don’t bite.
  • The ghost: Ken spends a night in a haunted house.
  • Helpful Harry: Helping other people isn’t easy.
  • The hero: Mick is a ‘waste of space’ until he saves a little girl.
  • I want a holiday: Anna’s holiday was all work, cooking and cleaning.
  • Late for work: Luke was always in trouble for being later for work.
  • Learning to swim: About a man who learns to swim.
  • Motor bikes: Reasons why this guy like his motor bike.
  • Not any more: When Tony came to Australia he was young and alone. But that was a long time ago.
  • Red dog: The famous dog who lives in Western Australia.
  • Robots: Would a robot make your life easier?
  • Running with boats: The Todd River boat race in the desert.
  • Spider! Scott is scared of spiders. His sister isn’t.

Level 2: Red

100-200 words in length, 16-20 pages, up to 150 unique words.


  • Blood: Blood on the ground. Is it a murder?
  • Can you read this: About learning to read.
  • Car thieves: Two car thieves make a big mistake.
  • Dance class: A woman tricks her husband into learning to dance.
  • Double trouble: A slight car accident leads to a strange discovery.
  • Dream job: Otus is a working dog. A story that rhymes.
  • Drums: A teenager finds a creative way to get a drum kit.
  • Fire! About dealing with bushfires.
  • Football: Soccer, rugby or Australian rules?
  • Good morning Max: Max’s plan to have coffee with Maria falls through.
  • I’m watching TV: He watches TV; she wants action.
  • Internet scam: An email from a stranger promises to make Ned rich.
  • Lost: Driving with no GPS in a strange city is difficult.
  • Mizuri the cat: Joyce got a kitten and it ate and ate and ate.
  • On the goldfields: Life on the goldfields of the 1850s.
  • Peanuts: Grandma’s revenge on her greedy grandson.
  • The shave: Everyone wanted Kevin to cut his long hair.
  • Shut up Steve: Steve talks all the time, until he meets a pretty girl.

Level 3: Blue

200–300 words in length, 16-20 pages, approx. 200 unique words.


  • Be careful: Most accidents happen at home.
  • Black market bargain: Gino and Mario go bargain hunting and get a nasty surprise.
  • Catnapped: Two girls steal a cat for the reward — and get a surprise.
  • Convicts: About the 19th century convicts sent to Australia.
  • Cuc’s bed: Cuc searches for the right kind of bed.
  • Cyclone Tracy: Xmas 1975 in Darwin.
  • Dancer: Suzanne’s dream was to be a dancer. She quit her job to try and become one.
  • A dog’s life: ‘A dog’s life’ is actually pretty good.
  • I hate the beach: She hates the beach but likes lifesavers.
  • Just one friend: Alone in the city Rosie was lonely, until she got a dog
  • My first plane trip: It’s my first time in a plane and I’m a little bit nervous.
  • Rescue: It’s simple to rescue a cat stuck in a tree. Or is it?
  • Snakes alive! Walking in the bush, you need to be careful.
  • Spare parts: One woman’s way to get rid of her husband’s old car.
  • Sports camp: A teenager goes on a sports camp.
  • Strong Sam: Going to a gym isn’t the only way to get strong.
  • Tooth fairy: A mix up in an old folks’ home.
  • Would I lie to you? About the origin of the expression ‘to tell a furphy’.

Level 4: Green

400-600 words in length, 20-24 pages, approx. 300 unique words.


  • The beach: Sue accidentally finds herself at a nude beach.
  • The big TV: The too-big TV causes some problems.
  • Bikini sandals: Thongs (flip-flops) are banned at work, but not ‘bikini sandals’.
  • The burglary: After a burglary, Reg makes a false insurance claim.
  • The doctor’s secret: James Barry was a well-known British doctor in the 1800s.
  • Dog gone: Greg’s dog Diggy goes everywhere with him. One day Diggy just disappears.
  • Marry me? Proposing to Jane wasn’t easy for Dave.
  • The necklace: Jenny’s new job was hard, but it was worth it in the end.
  • Outback road: Two girls travel in the outback.
  • Pay dirt: A cunning boss wants some free digging done.
  • Phar Lap: The story of Australia’s favourite racehorse.
  • Scary story: John’s love for telling scary stories backfires on him.
  • Shipwreck! A 19th century love story (based loosely on Loch Ard).
  • Tattoos: One tattoo branded him, but more made things worse.
  • Train surfing: Playing on the trains was fun, until …
  • Turning forty: Luke makes a list: 10 things to do before I turn 40.

Level 4+: Lime

Longer stories, but with a unique word count of 300 words.


  • A handful of sand: A story of indigenous land rights.
  • Ned Kelly: Was Ned Kelly a hero or a villain?
  • Simpson’s donkey: A larrikin hero of World War 1

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