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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

ALA webinar: Developing effective LLN tasks – workshop 2

Our webinar series around developing effective LLN tasks is all about supporting you to unpack and translate the ACSF.

Our next session is where you get to take back control. At the end of session one (15 March 2013), participants were given a link to some stimulus material and asked to prepare a short task for the group to validate at the next session. 

The time has now come! Those willing to share their task must provide:

  • a short task based on stimulus material
  • the ACSF level
  • the ACSF core skill.

ALA will email the stimulus material to all those interested in registering for this event.

This is a great opportunity to access the know-how of our presenter, Philippa McLean, who extensive experience in adult language, literacy and numeracy. Philippa McLean has facilitated both state and national professional development in the area of LLN in VET practice., collaboration and peer appraisal.

Webinar event cost

Members: $0

Non-members: $45

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