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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

ALA webinar: Auspice arrangements that work

JanteAn auspicing arrangement is similar to sub-contracting. It’s a legally binding contract where one organisation applies for and administers funding on behalf of another.

In our next webinar, our facilitator Jante Kamphuis will explore:

  • what an auspice arrangement is
  • why an organisation might seek an auspice arrangement
  • how to select the right partner
  • what the agreement should include
  • the impact of ASQA and VRQA when dealing with an RTO.

Jante Kamphuis is a management consultant and career advisor in the education sector. She has worked with Bendigo TAFE and ACE providers.  Jante is experienced in writing and updating Memorandums of Understanding related to Auspice Arrangements. As part of an ACFE funded program she conducted regular classes on how auspice arrangements can work, including related aspects on decision making regarding in- or decreasing number of courses on scope of training organisations.

Jante has also managed projects related to the re-accreditation of courses (VRQA and ASQA) and facilitated courses in Informal Learning, Work Education and Vocation Preparation.

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