Adult learning


Learning is a lifelong activity and continues well beyond the completion of school. Adult learners can be described in 5 groups:

Lifelong learners

Adults who have had good experiences of learning and want to continually expand their skills, knowledge and interests.

Reluctant learners

Adults who have had bad experiences of school and learning who need a lot of encouragement to give learning another go if it is in a formal environment.

Breaking barriers learners

Adults who want to learn more but have barriers to taking part in adult learning such as lack of family support, isolation and or poverty.

Community builders

Adults who want to learn with others in order to participate in their community and expand the quality of their relationships.

Foundation learners

Adults who missed out on the schooling they need and want to be able to read, write, speak, and listen more effectively and to improve their basic maths skills. Also adults whose first language is not English who want to improve their English reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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