2019–2020 Pre-budget submission

parliament of austAdult Learning Australia has submitted its recommendations for the Commonwealth Government’s Pre-budget Submission process for the 2019–20.

Our recommendations

The federal government should adopt a formal policy on lifelong learning.

It should also recognise the role of adult and community education through a renewed Ministerial Declaration on ACE.

In this submission, ALA proposes that the 2019–20 Federal Budget should:

  • reinstate the Commonwealth’s stewardship role in relation to the ACE sector through ongoing base funding to Adult Learning Australia, including funding for Adult Learners’ Week, at a cost of $550 000 per annum
  • develop a national family literacy strategy that targets socially and economically marginalised Australian communities, to ensure that all children have the family support that they need to succeed at school, at a cost of $10M per annum
  • support the education sector (including the ACE sector) through funding and resources to deliver workplace orientated digital skills gap training that meets the needs of modern workplaces
  • redesign a workplace English language, literacy and numeracy program to address workforce LLN requirements
  • fund research into ACE models that support productive ageing, wellbeing, mental health and disability programs, at a cost of $150,000 per annum
  • provide remote community learning access centres in communities more than 80 km from a university or TAFE campus, at a cost of $6M per annum.

Read our submission here: ALA’s pre-budget submission 2019–20.