The action research bootcamp

Presenter: Bob Dick, Action Research and Action Learning
When: 20th and 27th February 2019 @ 1pm - 2pm AEDT
Duration: 1 hr
Cost: Free ALA members | $50 non-members

Action research is an approach that can help adult educators to improve their practice by understanding it better.

In this two-session boot camp, Bob Dick will lead us through the foundations of action research, as well as how to further improve action research.



Week 1 – The foundations of action research

AR = A + R — action research is action (improvement) AND research (understanding)

AR is a more formal version of what most of you probably already do when you are faced with a novel and complex situation: investigate, plan, act, review, modify

You could achieve continuous improvement in your work if you extended that approach to important situations that you presently manage mostly unthinkingly

Achieving the action (the improvement): By involving the stakeholders and working collaboratively with them to better achieve your shared purpose

Achieving the research outcomes (the understanding): Pay more attention to monitoring your progress and fine-tuning your plans as you proceed

Week 1 webinar session will be held on Wed 20 Feb at 1pm AEDT



Week 2 – Further improving the action and the research

Further improving the action (the change): Improve meeting procedures to improve decision-making and planning

Further improving the research (the understanding): Improve flexibility and monitoring into your plans as you develop them

Further improving the integration of action and research: Use the action research cycle (plan act and observe review) more deliberately, and at different time scales

Learning transfer: Plan one thing you will do differently in future to make practical use of what you’ve learned.

Week 2 webinar session will be held on Wed 27 Feb at 1pm AEDT



About the presenter

Bob Dick is based in Brisbane and has been actively involved in teaching, assisting, and facilitating action research and action learning for 45 years.



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