Spelling (teacher resource)

Spelling (teacher resource)

Title: Spelling: A strategic approach

Authors: Lee Kindler & Jan Hagston

Who is this book aimed at?

This book is aimed at teachers who are working with adults or young people who have difficulty with spelling. It draws on current, evidence-based research to inform a strategic approach to teaching spelling. It is the result of a great deal of reading and thinking about what resources will help teachers to apply current research to adult learning situations.

Adult learners bring with them a range of existing knowledge and experience and require flexibility in the way they learn. Rather than provide a complete A-Z spelling program, this book offers a range of tools in the form of explanations, questions, activities and examples that teachers can select from according to the diverse needs of their students. It is important for teachers to be knowledgeable about the linguistic skills required to spell words correctly.

This book provides information to assist teachers to identify students’ existing skills and prioritise instructional approaches that will be most effective.

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