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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Support strategies for different learner types

Presenter: Rachel Leigh Taylor
When: Wednesday 21 June 2023 @ 1pm AEST
Duration: 1 hr
Cost: Free for ALA members | $65 non-members

Focus: Drawing on key concept in classroom practise, pedagogy and resource creation from different practise arenas, (e.g. CALD, LLN, ESL), this webinar will focus on strategies that cater to multiple learner types.

Audience: classroom practitioners

Key focus areas:

  • Creating a supportive learning environment
  • Classroom management and activity selection
  • Classroom interaction patterns

Key discussion points:

  • Engage learners in choice of activities
  • Student topic initiation
  • Maximising teacher talk
  • Alternatives to direct instruction

About the presenter

Rachel Leigh Taylor is an Educational Specialist with more than 25 years’ experience in tertiary and workplace-based education and training programs who specialises in student support and tailored materials design.  Rachel Leigh is an industry leader in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practise and has experience in English as a Second Language teaching, working with clients with learning, behavioural and cross-cultural issues.  With a focus on skills development and scaffolding, Rachel Leigh works with RTOs, training providers and industry groups to provide professional development training to support educators in the design and elopement of learning materials and enhancing teacher pedagogical practises to create inclusive and student-led learning environments. 




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