ALA Podcast: Show me the money – winning grants applications

ALA podcastsThis webinar is for ACE Providers and practitioners looking for alternate revenue streams. Find out what’s out there and how it could fund your idea, by spending an hour with Keith Whelan, the Grants Guy.

Think fundraising, grants, crowd-sourcing – this is a great opportunity to tap into Keith’s extensive knowledge of the grants landscape and his top tips for making compelling applications.


Keith Whelan presently works sourcing grants and funding for both the public and private sector across Australia. He teaches at the University of Newcastle, University of Sydney & Australian National University, Canberra and acts as a Consultant for all levels of Government in Australia.

0.00 Introduction
1:28 Time and capacity
5:18 Assessment panel
7:23 Grants and funding in Australia
  • Project plan
  • Business plan (or annual report)
  • Capital expenditure
  • Grants calendar
11:04 Grant opportunities
13:16 Writing a grant application
15:00 What is required?

Organisation capacity, Sustainability, Creating profile for your organisation, Planning your grant application, Grants calendar, Reporting of the grant, Clear and succinct, Eligibility

19:30 Suitability, Does your mission align with the Funder’s core priorities? The Value Add, Other considerations
29:47 Commonwealth Government Grant Guidelines
32:21 Relationships
32:35 Must includes:
  • Who – are you?
  • What – do you do?
  • Where – do you do it?
  • When – do you do it?
  • Why – do you do it?
  • How – do you do it?
  • Why should we give you the money???
35:55 Tips for success
37:50 The seven key principles for Commonwealth Government grants administration
40:17 Grant Writing Top Ten and Submission ‘skeleton’
42:40 Checklist
43:08 Q&A





Click here for presentation slides (PDF)