English Language, Literacy and Numeracy for Aboriginal adults in the Northern Territory

A Statistical Overview: Aboriginal Adult English Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) in the Northern Territory The report and action statement were recently published by the Australian Government funded, Whole of Community Engagement (WCE) initiative within the Office of Pro Vice

Position vacant: Literacy for Life

Yes, I Can! Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign Campaign Project Officer, Walgett and Collarenebri, NSW Be part of grassroots approach to combat Indigenous inequalities Hands-on position implementing an innovative, high impact, literacy campaign full training in model provided 12 month assignment

Position vacant: Education manager – Victoria

Yarraville Community Centre is a Registered Training Organisation and Learn Local provider, which has been operating in the Maribyrnong area since 1975. They are a not-for-profit community based organisation committed to assisting people to learn English, computer and other skills

AJAL out now

AJAL Volume 57, Number 2, July 2017 Here is the latest issue of the Australian Journal of Adult Learning. Bringing together learning from two worlds: Lessons from a gender-inclusive community education approach with smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea Authors:

Forum: The Financing Gap and the Challenges of achieving the goals for Women and Girls’ Education

Globally 61 million girls continue to miss out on primary and lower-secondary school and 758 million adults lack any literacy skills; two-thirds of whom are women. If education is to contribute to addressing the urgent issues of poverty, conflict and climate change – what can be done to mobilise the will and resources needed to ensure the right of every person access to high quality affordable education and training ?

Forum: Making the SDGs real in adult and vocational education

  What are the Sustainable Development Goals? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) give us the framework to deal with global issues such as poverty, equitable access to education and social injustice. Good quality and inclusive education is a powerful vehicle

Press release: A lifelong learning policy for Australia

Adult Learning Australia, the national peak body for adult and community education, welcomes the Hodgman Government’s recognition of adult education as a foundation to building Tasmania’s future and in helping Tasmanians access the skills they need for work and life.

2018 Year of Lifelong Learning

Support our commitment to a lifelong learning policy for Australia

Press release: Community learning can shape, support and rebuild people’s lives

The Learning Curve

“Low skilled workers who have lost their jobs or people who’ve been unsuccessful in finding work often have limited access to suitable, low cost adult education programs,” according to Dr Tracey Ollis from Deakin University. Dr Ollis, who is speaking

Press release: The modern workforce demands lifelong learning skills


Adult Learning Australia, the national peak body for adult and community education, welcomes the Federal Budget’s commitment to education, however, further action is required as lifelong learning is now an important life skill that ensures people remain relevant in the

ALA conference: Advancing asylum seekers’ future through education

How do we empower people seeking asylum? Gillian Meek and Abiola Ajetomobi from the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre talk about their education programs that are designed to enable people to feel empowered to build a new life in Australia.  

ALA conference: Transformative learning in neighbourhood houses

How do adults make the transition from reluctant to confident learners? Dr Trace Ollis, Deakin University, shares her research on the informal and formal learning that takes place in Neighbourhood Houses.   Theme: Exploring possibilities, changing lives Date: 13–14 June

ALA conference: Young people, lifelong learning and the new work mindset

What does the future of work look like for young people? Young people will need to navigate a vastly different world of work. Bronwyn Lee, Foundation for Young Australians, brings her unique perspective to how we can best prepare young

ALA conference: See the light then experience Dark MOFO

How can you experience the many shades of Hobart? Be inspired by the transformative power of lifelong learning during the day, and explore Hobart’s Dark MOFO and Hobart’s other attractions by night. Our exciting conference program presents research and insights

ALA conference: Digital lifelong learning

How do you build digital literacy skills across the lifespan? Makerspace encourages people to experiment, play and learn with technology. From 8 to 86 years old, Glenorchy residents are embracing lifelong learning at Glenorchy LINC. Our upcoming conference will take

ALA conference: Trump, disorientation and the post-truth era

How can adult educators support their learners in the post-truth era? Critical thinking and research in the field of adult learning is more important now than ever. Dr Tony Brown, University of Canberra, explores the shifting ideological landscape and the

ALA conference: Award winning Australian author tells his story

How does someone expelled from school end up as an award winning writer? Award winning Australian author and academic Tony Birch answers this question with his own life story in a keynote address at our upcoming conference. Tony’s is an

ALA 2017 conference update

Exploring possibilities, changing lives 13–14 June 2017, Hobart, Tasmania Join us for an inspirational two-day event that celebrates the transformative power of lifelong learning. Our exciting program presents research and insights on successful adult learning initiatives that empower individuals, promote

ALA 2017 conference

Lifelong learning changes lives

2017 AGM: Invitation to ALA members

The 2017 ALA Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 28 April 2017, 1.30pm AEST. This year’s AGM will present the 2016 Annual Report and announce the results of this year’s Board elections. The meeting will be held at: Basement