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Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

Lifelong learning for
a fairer Australia

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ALA Podcast: Intergenerational learning

Intergenerational learning This 20 minute podcast has been created from a conversation facilitated by Sally Thompson (former CEO, Adult Learning Australia) Professor Alan Tuckett OBE, Dorothy Lucardie and Dr Robbie Guevara. 0.00 Introduction 0.20 Intergenerational learning and ALA advocacy 1.50 Families as a community of practice 4.57 Schooling as a legacy of colonisation 10.05 The […]

ALA Podcast: Building in (not bolting on) – Indigenous perspectives of lifelong and lifewide learning

Australia’s Aboriginal cultures are the oldest continuous cultures on Earth. As such, they can draw upon rich and deep wells of wisdom. So what can we learn from these cultures? Much is written and spoken about what Aboriginal people need to learn, when we need to equally focus on what Aboriginal people can teach. In […]

ALA podcast: Managing volunteer with disability

Managing Volunteers with Disability This podcast has been created from a webinar delivered for ALA in late 2013, drawing on Judy and Olympia’s experience with disability and volunteer management. People with disability want to be included in our community in a variety of ways. A growing area of interest for them is in becoming volunteers. […]

ALA Podcast: Managing Paid Staff

Managing Paid Staff Managing paid staff can presents many challenges. These challenges may relate to recruitment and retention, resourcing, performance management and development, productivity and conflict resolution, time management, etc. In this 1 hour podcast, Penny Sara provides an overview of day-to-day management of paid staff and an outline of probation and managing under performance. […]

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Online meeting room

Many people have joined the ALA webinars in the last couple of years, and experienced the web conferencing space known as Blackboard Collaborate. We would also like to extend an invitation to our members to use this space for occasional meetings. If you are interested to take up this offer: Send an email request to Catherine Devlin: […]

Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia