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Do you know an older Australian who has a thirst for knowledge, but is being held back because they don’t know how to use a computer or the Internet?

Seniors can gain the confidence and skills needed to use new technology through the Australian Government’s Broadband for Seniors initiative. 

Since 2008, the Australian Government has committed more than $25 million to provide seniors with free access to computers, the Internet and training at around 2,000 Broadband for Seniors kiosks across Australia.

Kiosks are located in places that seniors regularly visit or that provide existing services, such as community centers, retirement villages, libraries and community clubs.

Over 250,000 of Australia’s seniors have benefited from the guidance and ongoing support provided in a friendly face-to-face environment by volunteer tutors, on topics such as how to email, surf-the-Internet, Skype and how to stay safe online.

Broadband for Seniors is delivered by NEC Australia in partnership with U3A Online, Adult Learning Australia and Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association.

For more information, or if you would like to know how to become a volunteer tutor at one of the kiosks, go to the Broadband for Seniors website.

BFS Professional Development

Broadband for SeniorsAdult Learning Australia has been supporting the BFS project by conducting a series of webinars that have been specifically designed for the BFS volunteer tutors. You can register your interest in participating by checking out the Upcoming Webinar Sessions. Or you can listen to past Recorded Webinar Sessions.

We use Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing for our BfS online sessions. Here are some helpful resources that you should read before you join your first webinar.

Join our BfS google group or check out the resources available on the BfS wiki.

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Upcoming Webinar Session

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Pierce Jaques

BFS webinar: An introduction to digital photo editing

When: 2 May 2014 1.00–2:30 pm AEST


Mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras have made it easy for us to take a lot of photos of special occasions, and of family and friends. But what can we do with all these wonderful photos? Creating a photo slideshow ...

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Geoff Greig

BFS webinar: Plan your next trip with Internet mapping, imagery and locations

When: 16 May 2014 1.00–2:30 pm AEST


There is so much more to maps on the Internet than Google maps and there's a lot more you can do with these maps than you may realise. During this session, our facilitator Geoff Greig, will show you how to: find ...

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Keith Harvey

BFS webinar: Getting to know your Android tablet

When: 23 May 2014 1.00–2:30 pm AEST


Tablets and smartphones are all the buzz and it's not unusual to hear of relatives or friends saying 'you really need one'. But how do you know what benefit it could be? Or the basics of using it? The ...

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