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Latest news

Hands on at Hawthorn Hackerspace

Hacker or makerspaces are the latest in a long tradition of community spaces that offer opportunities for informal learning. On a dark winter’s night in Melbourne’s Hawthorn, a lime green perspex door trimmed with LED lights up a cobbled laneway. The Connected Community HackerSpace (CCHS)

Aboriginal literacy program flourishes

A whole-of-community adult literacy campaign based on a revolutionary Cuban education method is having life-changing results in Indigenous communities in outback NSW. The first pilot of the Cuban-designed mass literacy education program conducted in Wilcannia in 2012 helped reduce crime and increase school attendance.

Meet our new board members

Recent elections have brought some fresh faces to the ALA Board. Here’s a chance to learn a little more about some of our newer Board members. Chris McCall (Vic) I manage the Yarraville Community Centre (YCC) in the inner west

Campaigning for lifelong learning

Professor Alan Tuckett OBE, acknowledged guru of adult education, shares his views on intergenerational and lifelong learning. In the northern UK city of Sunderland there’s a learning centre underneath the stands at the Sunderland Football Club. Local football fans – many of whom are unemployed – can

Connecting a community

Pairing tech savvy schoolkids with older people struggling with new technology has proved a perfect match in the Victorian town of Traralgon. The idea of a service to help older peoplein the community with their digital devices staffed by local high school students

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